A book cover is a reader’s first introduction to your story.

I use Photoshop, stock photos, and 3D programs to create covers that are both beautiful and marketable. A book cover’s #1 job is to help sell your book, and every cover I create as sales in mind.

A map helps readers explore the world of your story.

Maps make for beautiful interiors, and all my designs are of print-ready quality. I hand draw my maps in Photoshop, which allows me to offer maps that are truly unique to your story.

Sarah is a consummate professional, and her work is fantastic! She took a project that I’d been putting off for years and made the process quick, easy, and straightforward, with a beautiful final product. Thanks, Sarah!”

— Alyssa Cole, New York Times Bestselling Author

“[The Illustrated Page Book Design’s covers] bring out the essence of my stories. I know they draw attention to my books, because most indie authors don’t have covers nearly as striking.”  

  — Dominique L. Marks, fantasy romance author

“It’s such a romantic cover. The mood is serious, of course, and the fantasy elements are highlighted, but it never forgets that it is a romance.”  

  — R. Cooper