Do I have to have a title for a pre-made cover right away? Do I have to have written the story already?

Nope! You can see a cover that inspires a story and go ahead and purchase it, even if you don’t have it written or even have a title yet. I’ll go ahead and send you the .jpg and .png images of the cover with your name on them, and you can contact me again whenever you’ve got a title ready. You can take as long as you’d like.

How much does it cost to expand an ebook cover into a full paperback wrap (spine, back cover, formatting for print)?

My 2021 price for a paperback expansion is $50.

What text changes do your pre-made covers come with?

All pre-mades come with one free change of the title. If you later change your mind about the title and want it changed for a second time, I will charge a $20 fee for the new typography work. Changes to the author name are free. Also free is placing simple text like bestselling status or praise quotes.

Will you change the art on a premade?

No, premade covers are text changes only. All premade book cover art is final.

What are your custom cover packages?

Please see my page on custom covers.

How much does it cost to expand a pre-made cover into a series?

It varies depending on the pre-made. In general, each sequel will be more expensive than the pre-made itself, since I am making the covers especially for you and doing revisions and your request. In effect, sequels are closer to a custom cover than a pre-made.

What about sequels where I want the image to stay the same but want the type and color to change?

First, please discuss with me. Some of the boutique stock image licenses only allow for use on a single book cover.

If everything checks out with the licenses, then I charge $40 for the color change and new typography.

What’s the process for a fully custom cover package?

First, we will discuss what you are looking for and I will send you a questionnaire on your cover as well as a basic contract. Once that is clear, I will begin looking for stock images based on your description and send you an invoice for a down payment / booking fee of $50.

I will then contact you with a PDF of various stock image options and my notes on them.  If you don’t like any of the stock images I find, I will go back and do a second round of stock hunting and send you a new PDF. Stock images all come from Deposit Photos and their price is included in the package cost.

Once you’ve settled on stock images you like, I will create an initial mock-up of the cover’s layout. This stage involves laying the various elements in place and performing any necessary color changes. I’ll send you the layout and you can give your input on the direction the artwork is taking. I’ll take your feedback into account and continue working on the cover, sending you a new image. The first three rounds of revisions are included with the initial price. During this stage, each image will contain a watermark which I will remove when sending you the final cover.

Once you’re happy with the cover, I will send you an invoice. When I’ve received payment, I will send you a .jpg of the cover as well as other file types (.png, PDF) by requests (note, clients may not have the raw PSD file).

Does the fully custom cover package include a special discount for sequels?

Yes. All returning customers get 15% off, and for sequels that discount goes up to 20% off.

Can I have the PSD file?

Due to licensing constraints, I can’t share the PSD files with you.

How can I find out about sales and new covers becoming available?

The absolute best way is to join my Facebook group. I post all new covers there before I advertise them on any other social media or in public groups. Members also get a 10% discount on all pre-mades, and that discount stacks with my other sales. E.g., if I have a general 15% off sale, then members of my group can use both that discount and their member discount to get a total of 25% off.

When you say you work with LGBTQ+ covers, does that include…?

Yes! I am happy to work with stories and authors from any identity within the LGBTQIAP+ community (and my work isn’t limited to LGBTQ+ specific covers either). Most of my LGBTQ+ premade covers are f/f, but I have a few premades with solo shots of trans models and some with m/m couples. I’ve also done covers with ménage/polyamorous relationships with characters of a variety of genders, and I’ve had custom work where I was using color schemes drawn from pride flags.

What genres do you work with?

I work primarily in various fantasy subgenres including fantasy romance, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and more. I also work with historical romance and fantasy romance!

Can your covers be used for erotic literature and high heat romance?

I’ve worked with erotica before as custom cover projects where it crosses over with my regular genres (AKA fantasy, paranormal, historical). For my premades, it depends on the terms of the stock image sites. You can either ask me about a particular cover or check the product description, where I link to the stock image license terms! Anything using DepositPhotos, Evanto Elements, and/or Period Images should be fine.